PLEASE NOTE we can only accommodate steel narrowboats 45 - 65ft (Mooring fee dependent on length from £420 - £500) Facilities include metered electricity, water to … With a fantastic selection of services including a dedicated brokerage, showers, toilets, gas, coal, diesel, wood, pump out and 284 moorings, you’ll be sure to enjoy your stay at Saul Junction. 07807276. There was one pair of entrance gates, a tidal basin and two locks into the Arm. It was originally designed to accommodate the keels of large sailing ships and linked the Gloucester and Sharpness Docks. Llanthony Bridge 24 in Gloucester to the site of the former railway bridge at Sharpness, From start of former disused railway bridge to High Level Bridge 8 and to end of arm at Sharpness Point, Ryalls Farm to Stone (offside bank) at Frampton-on-Severn. More services and shops including supermarkets, banks and restaurants can be found in Quedgeley, Stonehouse, Cam and Dursley - all of which are within a seven miles radius of the mooring site. We hope to commence bookings for the B&B in winter 2020. The Gloucester & Sharpness Canal is a commercial Waterway with manned bridges check with lockkeepers for hours. Read More "There is nothing - absolutely nothing - … New warehouses were erected, both at Sharpness and Gloucester. During the following decades, several large warehouses and a dry dock were built at Gloucester. Wide and deep with no locks but a plethora of manned swing bridges. Saul Marina – Gloucester. Sharpness Marina. Moorings Available. on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal between Saul Junction (Junction of the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal with the Stroudwater Navigation) (3 miles and 6 furlongs to the southwest) and Gloucester Docks (Waterways Office (South Wales and Severn Waterways) - Canal & River Trust (Water area of 14 acres)) (3 miles and 7½ furlongs to the northeast). It … We cannot guarantee that it is up to date and welcome any feedback about new service providers or … FAQ A new entrance and dock was opened in 1874. After an overnight stay at Sharpness we headed most of the way back to Gloucester mooring at Rea Bridge, hoping to see the Severn Bore tonight. It was once the broadest and deepest canal in the world. In the village of Frampton on Severn (three quaters of a mile north) there is a local store, post office and two pubs. Listed warehouses have been converted into shops and leisure facilities, and the marina is still busy with boats. The maximum boat size that can navigate the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal is: Length: 213' (65 metres) - Bends in the canal (the lock at Sharpness is over 240' long) Beam: 30' 5" (9.3 metres) - … Boat safety examinations - Pre-purchase surveys - Insurance surveys - Christopher Berry has run a yacht building business for twenty six years, with work encompassing most aspects of the marine industry... I’m Giles, and I'm here to help you move your boat from one part of the waterway network to another when you can’t do it for yourself. Called the Stroudwater Navigation it enabled Trows to carry goods from Stroud to ports on the River Severn. With a speed limit of 4mph, rushing is not an option and with the stresses. Docks in the Winter months, 6 h between Sandfield and Junction Bridges). Are you ready to ramble? The list of locations offering contract moorings contains information about service providers that we are aware of on the Main Canal branch of the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal. From the canal, there are spectacular views of the Severn Estuary, the Forest of Dean and the Cotswolds. Saul Marina is located on the Gloucester and Sharpness canal and its junction with the Stroudwater canal, which makes it the only canal crossroads in the country. The nearest place in the direction of Sharpness Barge Arm is Purton Upper Bridge; 2 miles and 2¾ furlongs away. The linear site is approximately 390m long. Are there any secure mooring, marina after Sowerby Bridge heading west towards Manchester. The debt to the Commissioners was eventually repaid in 1850, though dividends were not paid until the 1860s. Hired a narrow boat - Otter - for the day. Download your free regional guide today. The canal, built as a ship canal, is very wide and there are ample moorings nearly everywhere. A free day out for all the family. Find your perfect volunteer role today. That's around 3,600 berths across England and Wales over some 330+ sites. Celebrate the life of a loved one by giving a gift in their memory, Got a favourite place in mind? Great instruction beforehand and no mishaps. Canal & River Trust is a charity registered with the Charity Commission no. See link below for information about Sharpness and the Docks You will have cruised 13 miles and navigated 2 locks, in around 6½ hours.

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